Laurel Straight Trousers


Laurel Straight Trousers

Bobo Choses

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The oceans are vast, but they are not immune to human influence. We have already altered or destroyed marine ecosystems and driven millionyear- old species to the brink of extinction. At Bobo Choses we believe that children can inspire and teach adults on how to care for the Earth. Therefore we asked kids from around the world to make drawings on how they would stop sea pollution. This is how the W.I.M.A.M.P. (worldwide inventive minds against monsters of pollution) squad came about. Wimamps come in all ages from all over the world, they are very creative, seriously funny, and have strong awareness and profound respect towards the environment. W.I.M.A.M.P. capsule collection will spread kids’ ideas around the world to inspire both parents and children. The collection displays kid’s drawings as allover prints on sixteen garments. 70% of the production is organic cotton. W.I.M.A.M.P. is a non profit collection. A part of the profits will be allocated by Bobo Choses to Ocean Conservancy NGO in order to fund activities of oceans conservation. W.I.M.A.M.P. launching campaign will be supported by different activities concerning young sea lovers. Kids will be able to become members through minisite, get an exclusive member patch and share thoughts, drawings or pictures of activities concerning sea preservation, and they can get in touch with other Wimamps form around the world. Kids of the world! become a member of the W.I.M.A.M.P. community to join forces against the monsters of pollution and teach your elders to love and care for the sea! Available in 52 stores in 16 countries that joined this project and also in our online store.


Bobo Choses

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